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Fiilex P360EX
The P360EX is one of Fiilex's most versatile lights, combining power, portability, efficiency and durability all in one package.
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Fiilex Q1000 LED Fresnel
The new flagship of the Fiilex line, the Q1000 revolutionizes photo and video work by combining intense power, exceptional light quality, enhanced weather-resistance, and portable power options in one remarkable light.
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Fiilex Q500 LED Fresnel
The Q500 leads the revolution in LED Lighting, intense power and control in a form smaller and lighter than previously seen in LEDs. The lighting world just got a lot brighter, and a lot more efficient. This one light replaces both your daylight and tungsten lights, and you can also leave behind your colour correction gels, scrims, and grip gloves.
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Hive Bee 50-C
The BEE 50-C is Hive's smallest and most portable light yet. 5 long and weighing just 1.5 lbs, the BEE 50-c has multiple mounting points allow for easy rigging to cameras, drones, practicals, stages, and sets.
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Hive Hornet 200-C
Using only 150 Watts, the HORNET 200-C is equivalent to a 650 1000W incandescent and 2.5X brighter than the original Wasp 100-C. This is the brightest single point color changing LED in the world.
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