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Zylight IS3c LED Light

The IS3c combines Zylight's unmatched colour-mixing technology and high-quality construction to meet the demands of location and studio professionals who require an extremely bright and wide soft source, while offering all of the innovative features for which Zylight is renowned: Fully dimmable with minimal colour shift, adjustable colour temperature and colour correction, unlimited colour control, integrated ZyLink wireless control, and rugged construction for years of reliable service.

Field of Studio Ready

All functionality of the Zylight IS3c can be controlled via DMX through industry standard XLR connectors, or remotely via the built-in ZyLink wireless link. A USB port is included for field upgradeability and the built-in carry handle and shock absorption ensures rock-solid portability. At 18" x 11" x 2" the Zylight IS3c can be powered by either AC or rechargeable battery.

Tricky on-location lighting situations are quickly mastered with the IS3c's adjustable 2500K-10000K colour temperature and variable GREEN colour correction. The easy to use built-in controls and sunlight-readable digital displays make set-up fast, with user-defined presets for storing your favourite settings.

The IS3c's advanced four-colour mixing ensures excellent skin tones and rich, accurate colour rendition. And the IS3c's wide 90 spread means the IS3c is up to the task for shooting with wide angle lenses or in 16x9 format.

Integrated Wireless Control

Built-in ZyLink technology allows you to wirelessly link together multiple Zylights to create a soft LED source as large as you need. Zylights that are linked together act in concert as if they were one unified LED source, with adjustments made on one light changing all lights in the group.

All IS3c lights now ship with a Chimera softbox included


  • Variable Colour Temperature
  • Variable Colour Correction +/- GREEN
  • Full Colour Output with Hue and Saturation Control
  • Precise OLED Readout with Rear Control
  • Fully Dimmable 0 - 100%
  • RGBA Colour Mixing with Long Life LEDs
  • DMX or Wireless ZyLink Operation
  • Optional Softbox & Egg Crate Available
  • Made Production Tough in the USA


  • No Gels to Buy or Carry
  • No Spare bulbs to Buy or Carry
  • Low Maintenance Cost and Downtime
  • Low Power Draw
  • Extremely Versatile Light
  • Quick Set Up Reduces OT


Size 18.5" x 10.75" x 1.9"
Weight 13 lbs (5.8kg)
Mounting Yoke Mount, Optional Kino Flo Style Centre Ball Mount
Power Requirement 48V DC
Power Consumption 220W max. (4.6A @ 48V)
Power Input Plug Amphenol 97-3106A-12S-3S
AC Power Supply 100 - 240 V AC, 50/60Hz
Wireless Frequency 2.45 GHz
Wireless Channels 10, User Selectable
Beam Angle 95 Centre, 115 Total
Dimming 0 - 100% (minimal colour shift)
Colour Temperature Variable 2500K - 10000K
Presets 2 user-defined in White mode; 2 user-defined in Colour mode
LED Life 50,000 Hours min. before Recommended Factory Re-Calibration
Compliance RoHS, FCC
DMX Channels 11


Distance: 3.3 FT (1 M) 6.6 FT (2 M) 16.4 FT (5 M)
IS3 LED Light: 160 fc (1722 Lux) 48 fc (517 Lux) 18 fc (194 Lux)

DMX Assignments

Channel Function Values
1 Mode OFF = 0 - 33%; COLOUR = 34 - 66%; WHITE = 67 - 100%
2 Brightness 0 - 100%
3 Colour Temperature (White Mode) 0% = 2500K; 100% = 15000K (Each 1% = 125K)
4 +/- GREEN (White Mode) 0% = -10.0 (max. Magenta); 50% = 0.0 (Neutral); 100% = +10.0 (max Green)
5 Colour Hue 0% = Red; 17% = Amber; 33% = Green; 66% = Blue; 100% = Red
6 Colour Saturation 0% = No Saturation (White Light); 100% = Full Saturation
7 [Reserved] [Reserved]
8 Brightness- Fine 100% adds ~0.4% to Brightness
9 Colour Temperature- Fine 100% adds ~ 30K to Colour Temperature
10 Colour Hue- Fine 100% adds ~ 0.4% to Hue
11 Colour Saturation- Fine 100% adds ~ 0.4% to Saturation


Product Name Product Description Price
IS3 LED Light Includes: IS3 Light Head, Yoke Mount, Worldwide AC Adapter, Antenna, User Guide $2,400.00
IS3c LED Light Kit Includes: IS3 Light Head, Yoke Mount, IS3 Chimera Softbox, Worldwide AC Adapter, Antenna, User Guide $2,699.00

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