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1K LED Replacement Lamp

Convert your old 1K Fresnel into a heat-free, low-power LED fixture in Daylight or Tungsten!

Instantly upgrade an existing Arri, Mole, or Desisti 1 kilowatt halogen Fresnel fixture to a high-performance daylight (or tungsten) colour temperature LED instrument in seconds. This LED Lamp is a direct replacement of the 1000W EGT Halogen Lamp.


  • No Down-Time: Relamp your studio from Halogen to LED instantly
  • Ultra-High Quality: Matches Tungsten 98CRI or Daylight 95CRI without correction
  • Brighter: 150W LED brighter* than 1000W Halogen fixture
  • Full-range dimming on your existing AC Dimmers without colour shift!
  • Flicker-Free: even when dimmed down.
  • Safe: no burns, no fire hazard, does not explode like Halogen
  • No heat on subject or talent
  • Environmentally Conscious: Easiest way to make your business sustainable.
  • Reliable: Fully self-protected for a very long life, ongoing warranty available.
  • ROI: A typical TV studio saves thousands beyond the initial cost within the first year!
  • 1/4 the cost of comparable 1k LED Fresnels.

Optional Fresnel Lens Upgrade:
Aspheric Diffractive Plano-Convex Lens Design
Much brighter than the old glass lens, and projects a more uniform light field.
Typical Focusing Range: 15 70

Technical Specifications

  • Directly Replaces EGT 1000W Tungsten Halogen Lamp
  • Mounting Base G22 Medium Bi-Post Base
  • Power: 150W / 1.2A, Accepts 95-150V (240V version coming in September)
  • Dimming Full range dimming on your existing AC dimmers.
  • Colour Quality Daylight Version: 95 CRI / 96 CQS / 96 TLCI
  • Tungsten Version: 98 CRI / 97 CQS / 98 TLCI
  • Weight 1lb
  • Fuse 3A
  • Flicker Free Always


Price $975.00

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