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Tunnel Tape

Keeps Cables, Wires And Cords In Place In A Non-Sticky Tunnel.

This powerful tape adheres on the edges, not the centre area. Tunnel Tape's high-tack adhesive and durable cloth backing holds the cables firmly in place reducing the chances of tripping. OSHA-compliant yellow and black stripped Tunnel Tape is available for safety applications.

Applications include: taping down wires and cables in cention centres, auditoriums, stages and TV studios.

S54 & S56 Tunnel Tape

Adhesive is zone coated on edges of hand tearable and puncture resistant cloth backing creating a non-adhesive tunnel for wires, cables, or cords to lay (pass) under. Removes easily from carpet and other surfaces without leaving a residue. Can be repositioned several times without loss of adhesion. Available in 3", 4", and 6" widths (only 4" and 6" are normally kept in stock).

BACKINGPE Coated ClothPE Coated Cloth
ADHESIVENatural RubberNatural Rubber
TOTAL THICKNESS10 mils11.8 mils
54 oz/in 29 oz/in
-31F to 176F-31F to 176F
COLOUR BlackBlack/Yellow Hazard Stripe
Length of Roll 40 yards40 yards


  • Hand tearable
  • Strong puncture resistant
  • Removable
  • No cable cleanup
  • Repositionable

To achieve ultimate adhesion, the bonding surface should be dry, clean and free of dirt and oils. The strength of the adhesive bond is dependant on the amount of surface area directly contacting the adhesive. Firm Pressure is recommended to obtain good adhesive to surface contact.


4" Black Tunnel Tape (S54) $38.00
6" Black Tunnel Tape (S54) $59.00
4" Black/Yellow Tunnel Tape (S56) $38.00
6" Black/Yellow Tunnel Tape (S56) $59.00

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