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Killer Camera Rigs That You Can Build

This new edition is HUGE, with tons of new stuff. There are over 2000 step-by-step photos. With that in mind, building any project in this book, from a simple camera dolly to a slightly more complex camera stabilizer will be super easy if you're good at step-by-step instructions.

With every plan in this book, you'll get a photo shopping list of the parts you'll need and a photo list of each tool as well. Don't know what a lock nut is? Just look at the photo. Easy.

For those of you not familiar with Killer Camera Rigs That You Can Build, this book will vastly lower the cost of doing high production value films. For less than the cost of renting a crane for a day, you can build one yourself and have it always on hand. Not to mention car mounts, shoulder mounts, dollies, stabilizers, camera pedestals, sandbags the list is pretty long. Check out the table of contents and see how many incredible designs are packed into this book:

    Section 1: Dollies
    • The Dark Passage Dolly
    • The Killers Dolly
    • The Gun Crazy Camera Pedestal
    • The Naked Kiss Upside-Down Dolly Camera Mount
    • The Dark Corner PVC Dolly Track
    • The Cry Vengence Dolly Rail Padding
    • The Theives' Highway Angle Dolly Track
    • The Glass Key Pro Dolly Track
    • How to Lay Out and Level Dolly Track
    • Troubleshooting Dolly Problems
  • Section 2: Handheld Rigs
    • The Shock Corridor Camera Stabilizer
    • The Sweet Smell of Success Pooper-Scooper Cam
    • The City Streets Circle Rig
    • The Storm Fear Shoulder Mount
  • Section 3: Cranes
    • The Killer's Kiss Crane
    • The Big Combo Crane
    • The Double Indemnity Crane
    • Working with a Crane
    • The T-Men Crane Weight Holder
  • Section 4: Filmmaking Tools You Just Gotta Have
    • The They Drive by Night Car Mount
    • The Third Man Tripod
    • The Guilty Bystander Camera Mount for the Third Man Tripod
    • The Steel Trap Spreader
    • The Harder They Fall Sandbag
    • The Harder They Fall Sandbag Jr.
    • Painting Your Rigs
    • Working With Metal

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